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The purpose of this survey is to collect information about burnout prevention strategies used by a variety of professionals. Please complete the following multiple choice questions followed by three demographic questions. Your answers are anonymous. 

* 1. Do you have a full day off to do what you like?

* 2. Do you have time out for yourself to think, reflect, meditate or pray? 

* 3. Do you have good vacations, about 3 - 4 weeks in each year? 

* 4.  How often do you do some aerobic exercise for at least half an hour at a time?

* 5. How often do you do something for fun or enjoyment e.g. game, movie, concert? 

* 6. Do you practice any muscle relaxation, mindfulness or slow breathing technique? 

* 7. Do you listen to your body messages (symptoms, illnesses, etc)? 

* 8. IF SINGLE: Do you have friends with whom you can share at a feelings level? 

* 9. IF MARRIED (or in relationship): how often do you share intimately?

* 10.  Do you share your stressors (worries, problems, struggles, needs) with others?

* 11.  How would you describe your ability to communicate with others? 

* 12.  Do you sleep well (8-9 hours per night)?

* 13.  Are you able to say "No!" to inappropriate or excessive demands on your time? 

* 14.  Do you set realistic goals for your life, both long and short term?

* 15.  Are you careful to eat a good balanced diet?

* 16.  Is your weight appropriate for your height?

* 17.  How would you describe the amount of touch you get in your life? 

* 18.  Can you deal with anger without repressing or dumping it on others? 

* 19.  How often do you have a good "belly laugh"?

* 20.  Do you spend time on a creative hobby (e.g. gardening, reading, music, art)? 

* 21.  Do you nurture your self-esteem (e.g. with self-affirmations)?

* 22.  Do you practice forgiveness of others who have hurt you? 

* 23.  Have you dealt with old hurts and "baggage" from the past? 

Please complete the following demographic questions: