Welcome to the 2017 IAPH Membership Survey !

Background and purpose of the survey

The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) was founded in 1955. Today, as the global alliance of the world port community, it represents 170 ports and 130 port-related organizations from about 90 countries worldwide. IAPH is the global voice of the ports industry with international institutions such as IMO, ILO, UNCTAD and others.

In 2016, IAPH went through a process of internal reform. A new constitution was adopted which fundamentally changed the governance of the organization. The ultimate aim of these changes is to ensure that the voice of world ports is heard, to expand the role of IAPH and to create more value for its members.

This survey seeks feedback on the value-added of being an IAPH member. The survey addresses both present and former members as well as ports and port-related organizations that were never members of IAPH.

Introduction to the questions

The first questions are meant to identify your organization’s relationship with IAPH. Depending on whether you are currently a member, a former member of were never a member, a specific set of questions emerges. In each set, feedback is first sought on the tools and resources, advocacy role, networking opportunities and communication tools that IAPH currently offers. The survey then continues to ask about topics and activities IAPH should be focusing on in the future. The survey ends with an open-ended question on what would ultimately define the value-added of IAPH membership for your organization.

Time needed to complete the survey

Depending on how much feedback you provide to the open-ended questions, the survey will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.


Answers to the questionnaire serve an internal purpose and will be treated in full confidentiality. The contact details requested are purely for administrative follow-up. Aggregated results of the survey, which will not identify respondents, may be published.

Deadline for responses

The survey remains open until Friday 24 November 2017 CET.

Need assistance?

Please contact Patrick Verhoeven, Managing Director – Policy and Strategy at: patrick.verhoeven@iaphworldports.org