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* 3. What type of Assistance did the IAEAP provide?

* 4. What industry sector best represents your business?

* 5. Please rate IAEAP's timeliness of response

* 6. Please rate the quality of assistance you received

* 7. Would you contact the IAEAP again, if needed?

* 8. Would you recommend IAEAP to other entities for assistance?

* 9. After working with IAEAP, has your understanding of your environmental responsibilities changed?

* 10. After working with the IAEAP, has your awareness of your Facility's emissions/discharges changed?

* 11. After working with a IAEAP provider, have you made changes to comply with environmental regulations?

* 12. After working with the IAEAP, are you implementing any pollution prevention measures?

* 13. After working with the IAEAP, did you reduce any air emissions, waste generation, or water discharges?

* 14. Would you like a free on-site visit from the IAEAP/IWRC?

* 15. Any additional recommendations or comments regarding IAEAP's performance?