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Welcome to the 2017 Compensation & Benefits Survey for the Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies! Wipfli LLP is pleased to have the opportunity to assist member agencies with this year’s survey.

WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION! This survey is only as good as the data we collect from you! Please complete the electronic survey by Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

Our objective is to provide you with accurate, meaningful, and easy-to-use information on the compensation and benefits provided for 41 common positions in your agencies. This survey covers typical program, management, professional, and administrative jobs. We welcome your input on changes that would make the information even more valuable for your decision-making in these important areas in the future.

Please be sure to read the instructions carefully as they have changed from surveys conducted in the past. Although this survey covers many jobs, you will probably have a few that don’t fit any of our descriptions. If this is the case, please indicate additional jobs you would like to have considered for next year’s survey. In fact, if you could mail/e-mail your current job descriptions to us, that would be VERY helpful!

Results will be published in May 2017 and will include sorts by operating budgets and geography. All information gathered in the survey is sent directly to Wipfli LLP and is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL – no one outside of the Wipfli LLP project management and data analysis team will see it. Results are published in summary form only.

We look forward to serving your information needs – thank you for participating!


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