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IABC Asia Pacific are planning a regional conference for Communication Professionals. This survey aims to identify what members are looking for from an event such as this. Please take time to share your thoughts and ideas to help us build a valuable event.

* 2. From the list below, please rank the countries you would prefer the conference be held in.

* 3. Please rate from 1 to 5 the presentation style you prefer when attending a conference.

* 4. Please select three topic areas you would most like addressed at the conference.

* 5. Please select the criteria you would consider when deciding whether to attend this conference.

* 8. What would encourage you to bring others with you to the conference?

* 9. What month of the year would you prefer the conference to be held?

* 10. Which days of the week would you prefer the conference to be held?

* 12. Do you know an experienced speaker who could present insightful content for Asia Pacific communication professionals? Please share their details and possible topics.

* 13. What would you hope to gain from attending a regional conference for communication professionals?

* 14. Please share any final comments you would like to add regarding this proposed regional conference.