Questions for WM 2018 participants (please √ tick your preference)

Dear athletes,

You have already participated in our WMA and we look forward to welcome you again in our 2018 WMA in Malaga / ESP. 
The IAAF in cooperation with WMA are planning to organise the 1st IAAF Masters Conference  for you around the 2018 WMA Outdoors in Malaga (ESP), (04. - 16.09.2018). The conference will further increase your capacity to optimise your individual training planning and monitoring.

In order to better suit the needs of Masters athletes/coaches we have prepared a quick questionnaire for you that will help us in identifying your preferred conference format and topics, and help us construct an event that delivers the best value for you.

* 1. Are you interested in attending the planned 1st IAAF Masters Conference Malaga / ESP which will be organised with the 2018 WMA Outdoor 4.-16.09.2018 ?

* 2. Which of the following conference formats do you prefer ?

* 3. Worldwide experts will provide applied sports-science with concrete advice for your training. Which of the following topics would you be interested in ?

* 4. Are you interested in practical sessions which will provide the opportunity for you to try performance testing personally with individual training recommendations for further improvement / adaptations ?

* 5. Which of the following performance tests  / individual training recommendations would you make use of ?

* 6. Events costs: tickets to each presentation / topic area will be sold on an individual basis:
e.g. 20 USD for each individual presentation (with discount for multiple sessions)
Do you consider this fee structure reasonable?

* 7. Events costs:  each performance test (endurance ; strength) including feedback about the test results:
e.g. 40 USD for each individual.                                                                                                
Do you consider this fee structure reasonable?

* 9. Your gender is

* 11. If you would be interested in hearing more about this conference as our planning progresses, please leave us your email address. We will only use them for the purpose of emails relating to this event.

Thank you for your highly appreciated feed-back which will enable us to organise this very first Master's Conference according to your interests and needs.
Please do not hesitate to send enquiries to or