Purpose:  The Vermont Highway Safety Alliance (VHSA), in partnership with the Vermont State Police (VSP), Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), the Department of Motor Vehicles and local law enforcement agencies would like to gather information from the commuting public who regularly utilize Interstate 89 in Chittenden County. 

Thesis:  It is recognized by all that the travel corridor from Exit 13 (I 189/Shelburne Road) to Exit 16 (Colchester/Winooski) can easily become congested during morning and evening traffic.  It is estimated that in any given week day, approximately 56,000 travelers utilize this corridor.  Often during the morning and evening travel times, the traffic flow becomes congested.  Police often respond to traffic incidents during these times, including broken down vehicles, fender-benders, and even severe traffic crashes with injuries or fatalities.  These incidents generally occur more often in this area of Vermont’s interstate system than any other location in Vermont.

Request:  The VHSA would like input from the traveling public as to what they see as the most important issues to solve in this traffic safety concern.  While there are potential solutions being considered by state agencies, VHSA would also like to sample possible suggestions for solutions from the public who also experience these issues regularly.

When completing this short survey, please limit your responses to traffic concerns between Exit 13 (I-189 / Shelburne Road) in South Burlington through Exit 16 (Route 2/7 in Colchester)

* 1. During commuter hours on the Interstate 89, Exit 13 – 16 corridor, what is your greatest concern for traffic safety?

* 2. What solution(s) would you like to see to address the congestion?

* 3. How often are you impacted by this traffic concern?

* 4. Have you ever been involved in an incident related to traffic congestion between exits 13 & 16? (fender-bender, crash, other)

* 5. Do you believe this issue can be fixed, or improved?

* 6. Do you avoid traveling to the Burlington/South Burlington area because of traffic concerns on the Interstate?

* 7. Please share any personal observations / opinions / suggestions.