* 1. The City of Atlanta and Invest Atlanta (Atlanta's Official Economic Development Authority)  wants to know how the temporary closure of Northbound I-85 is impacting your business. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the greatest impact on business, please answer below.

* 2. Please describe some of the challenges that you and your business are facing due to the temporary closure of Northbound I-85.

* 3. Has the impact of the I-85's closing impacted your business? If yes, what estimate of a percentage of sales or revenue are you off from this time last year?

* 5. What types of temporary traffic enhancements do you believe might address the temporary closing? Please check all that apply.

* 6. How would you rate the responsiveness and communication of government operations since the closing of I-85?

* 7. The State of Georgia Workforce Division/Rapid Response team has customized services at no cost to you or the employees but will place all parties in the strongest position to manage the transition. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the greatest, what is the likelihood of your business experiencing a layoff of employees (whether some or all)?

* 8. If your rating for the Workforce Division question above is a 3 or higher, please check all that apply:

* 9. About how many employees do you have at your location?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 10. Invest Atlanta is committed to supporting businesses throughout the City of Atlanta, including those who may be affected by the overpass closure. We have begun contacting businesses in the area to determine how this event may be impacting them. Communicating directly with business operators will help us identify how our economic development programs may be used. Businesses who would like more information about this should contact Invest Atlanta at bizimpact@investatlanta.com , a phone call or a visit by someone from Invest Atlanta please fill out the information below. All answers and information shall remain confidential.