Horse trailers for tomorrow will be built soon. If you will be in the
market for a new horse trailer in 2013 or in the next couple years,
what options would be high on your list of priorities to buy?

Tell the horse trailer design engineers!

I want more storage, smarter storage like cargo nets in the dressing room and storage compartments in nooks and crannies

I want escape doors on every horse stall

I want a bigger bathroom in the living quarters

I want a pull out pantry in the living quarters

I want a flip up bed in the living quarters so the space is usable during the day

I want name brand tires

I want a swing-out awning for my horses

I want an outdoor hot water tap for cleaning my horses

I want an electric hoist for lifting hay bales

I want an outside shower and boot washer

I want a swinging tie pole for my horses

I want built in racks to carry a portable corral

I want a horse safety package that includes sensors that alert me remotely of low tire pressure, temperatures in the horse area, if I'm going to bump my bumper, fenders or wheels (proximity sensor) or if my horses are restless (stress monitoring)

I want drop down doors on the passenger side for horse safety when pulling off on the side of the road

I want a washer/dryer in the dressing room

I want a washer/dryer in the living quarters

I want a video camera in the horse area to monitor my horses

I want a reverse slant load with a large tack/manger

Do you own horses?

What is your preferred brand of trailer? Be honest!

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