2012 I-RISE Application

The Interdisciplinary Research Institute in STEM Education (I-RISE) is recruiting Scholars for 2012. The I-RISE is a high-intensity summer research experience in which teams of researcher-videographers gather in Seattle to observe, document, and reflect on innovative K-12 professional development courses offered at Seattle Pacific University. I-RISE is a hub of collaboration for interdisciplinary research on teacher professional development, conceptual understanding of energy, learning theories, and formative assessment practices. We welcome applications from a wide range of backgrounds and levels of expertise.

The application consists of a basic questionnaire and a short reflection on a video episode provided by the I-RISE Directors. To gain access to the video, contact Rachel Scherr (rescherr@gmail.com).

The deadline to apply is March 15, 2012.

* 1. Name

* 2. Institution

* 3. Title

* 4. Which session would you want to attend?

  First choice Second choice Not available
Energy for Elementary Teachers (June 26-July 2) and I-RISE Congress I (July 5-6)
Energy for Secondary Teachers (August 6-17) and I-RISE Congress II (August 20-21)

* 5. Are you actively engaged in research on teaching and learning? If so, describe your research area here. If not, describe your involvement with teaching and learning.

* 6. Please describe your interest in the I-RISE. What would you bring to it? What would you hope to take away from it?

* 7. The I-RISE Directors have provided you with access to a short video episode. Please watch the episode (as many times as you like) and, in the space below, write a 500-word reflection on it. What happened in the episode that caught your interest? What do you think it might mean? (** Note: The video is captioned. If the captions do not appear, try opening it with a different video player, such as QuickTime Player 7.)