Public Survey

During the next few months, the Texas Department of Transportation will be reviewing the “I-69 Driven by Texans” website’s current content in an effort to take the website to the next level.  We are asking for your help as we move toward implementation of Texas’ I-69 system.

We want to find out what information is important to you and how we can improve the current website. We are asking you to help us by taking this short survey. TxDOT appreciates your time and interest and we thank you for your feedback.

* 1. Is this your first time visiting the “I-69 Driven by Texans” website?

* 1.(a) If you answered "No" - When was the last time you visited the website?

* 2. When you visit the “I-69 Driven by Texans” website, how do you access it?

* 3. How often do you use the “I-69 Driven by Texans” website?

* 4. When using the “I-69 Driven by Texans” website, what information are you looking for? (Check all that apply.)

* 5. Are you able to find information you are looking for on the “I-69 Driven by Texans” website?

* 6. What features/content would you like to see on an I-69 website? (Check all that apply.)

* 7. What level of engagement are you interested in when considering online information for the I-69 system? (Check all that apply.)

* 8. We appreciate your time and input. If you would like, please enter any additional comments. (Optional)