The following 14 statements are attributes and skills important for effective principals to possess. Please read over the the following statements carefully.

1. MAINTAINS CONTINUITY.  Recognizes that changing the principal can be impactful for students, staff, and parents. Works to ensure that there are few changes in the way that schools run and with longstanding traditions, at least until people are comfortable with the new principal.

2. MAKE CHANGES BASED UPON NEEDS. Examines how things are running and what staff, parents, and students think about the school. Then makes appropriate changes to advance student learning.

3.INVOLVES PARENTS. Seeks Involvement of parents and stakeholders in the growth of the school.

4. PROVIDES INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP. Develops a clear and focused mission for the school. Uses a very careful, thoughtful process for determining school needs, for setting goals, for learning, for making sure instruction is of high quality, and for measuring student outcomes.

5. IS ACCESSIBLE. Is regularly engaged and visible around the school throughout the day is readily available to students, staff, and parents.

6. MAINTAINS A POSITIVE SCHOOL CULTURE. Provides a safe, healthy, and orderly environment for learning. Establishes and maintains a cooperative school climate that encourages positive student behavior.

7. MAINTAINS STAFF BALANCE. Makes sure the racial and ethnic make-up of the staff is diverse and well-balanced to provide all students with positive role models and to eliminate stereotypes.

8. PROMOTES HIGH STUDENT EXPECTATIONS. Creates and maintains high expectations among staff, students, and parents that all students will be successful in school. Works with staff to ensure that instruction meets students' needs, that students spend their time working productively in class, and student are praised for good work.

9.COMMUNICATES WELL. Keeps everyone in school community informed about what is happening in the school. Listens to and takes positive action regarding what parents, staff, and students think about the school.

10. HAS EFFECTIVE INTERPERSONAL SKILLS. Gets along well with others. Is able to galvanize people to work productively with one another. Has good relationships with students, parents and staff.

11. UTILIZES RESOURCES. Knows how to acquire resources from the school system and other sources, knows how to utilize those resources effectively and efficiently.

12. EXERCISES PARTICIPATORY LEADERSHIP. Optimizes human capital and builds organizational capacity by collaborating with others. Includes staff and parents in making decisions about important issues related to the school.

13. PROMOTES PROFESSIONAL GROWTH. Helps teachers and staff members recognize their individual strengths and weaknesses in performing their duties, and helps them plan for improvement and continued growth as needed.

14. IS FORWARD THINKING. Is knowledgeable about global trends and uses this knowledge to advance learning. Promotes a learning environment reflective of available technological innovations to prepare staff and students for the twenty-first century.

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* 1. After reviewing the attributes above, select the top five attributes you would like to see in your next school leader.

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