As stated in today's post, Collin and the Hip2Save Crew are reaching out to those of you in storm-affected areas. If you are located in a badly hit area, please complete this survey. We appreciate your help and hope that we, in turn, can help you and your community! Your privacy is important to us; click here to view the Hip2Save Privacy Policy.

First Name:

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Zip Code:

How have you and your community directly been affected? Please describe your specific situation, personally and/or within your community (including loss of lives, homes, & critical community resources).

What types of non-perishable donations might be helpful?

In order for us to send donations, please provide a direct mailing address (this can be an address for a specific family in need and/or an address for a non-profit organization, church, food bank etc). Without an address, we cannot help so please ensure that you have the correct address below.