Animal Shelter Information

We'd like to know how your shelter weathered Hurricane Irma, and if there are any ways we can help you access resources and assistance.

Even if you filled out this form before, we've updated it to reflect that Irma has passed. Please complete it so we can respond with help.

* 1. Animal Shelter Location and Emergency Contact Information

* 2. Secondary Emergency Contact Information

* 3. Please let us know how you your shelter is doing in the aftermath of Irma.

* 4. It is essential that your emergency needs are reported to your county Emergency Operations Center. They will report your needs through the incident command system to the appropriate emergency animal shelter responders. Your needs should be reported even if another outside agency is helping.
You can find your local EOC ESF-17 contacts here: Florida County EOC.
If you have needs, have you reported them to the EOC yet?

* 5. Approximately how many animals are currently in your shelter?

Numerous companies and humane organizations have stepped up to help the animals impacted by Hurricane Irma. Follow this link for a list of supplies, grants, and animal transport support available to impacted shelters: Hurricane Support

* 6. Is there anything that your shelter needs to respond to the aftermath of Hurricane Irma?


* 8. Is there anything else you would like to add?