Human Services Providers

Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut wants to hear from you! We are the intake, referral and advice hub for the CT Network for Legal Aid, a coordinated system of civil legal services providers. We have helped people resolve life-impacting matters such as housing, family, and public benefits for over 20 years. (Visit us at,
We're reaching out to you this year to help with our strategic planning.  Please take a moment in your busy day to give us a window into your world. We want to know, based on your experiences, how we can improve our services to better the lives of our mutual clients, their families and their communities. Your input is vital.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Janice J. Chiaretto, Executive Director, Statewide Legal Services of CT, p. 860-344-8096 ext. 3017, f. 860-563-3518, We will be happy to take your answers by telephone or email if you prefer.  Together we can make a difference. Thank you!
                 Please return your survey answers by February 28, 2018. 

1. Where do you provide services? (Check all that apply.)
      Region = surrounding towns but not necessarily a county.

3. Approximately how many people did you serve in 2017?

5. More specifically, what types of human services do you provide? (Check all that apply.)

6. What do you see as the three biggest civil (non-criminal) legal needs that a lawyer or other legal professional can assist with in the low-income population you serve?

7. What do you see as the three biggest  unmet civil (non-criminal) legal needs that a lawyer or other legal professional can assist with in the low-income population you serve?

8. Use the scale below to rate your familiarity with each of the organizations listed below:

  Very familiar Somewhat familiar Not familiar
Statewide Legal Services of CT
CT Legal Services
Greater Hartford Legal Aid
New Haven Legal Assistance Association
CT Fair Housing Center
CT Veterans' Legal Center
The Children's Law Center of CT
CT Legal Rights Project
Lawyers for Children America
Center for Children's Advocacy
CT Community Law Center
Public Defenders - State
Public Defenders - Federal
Court Services Centers
United Way 211

11. If "yes", to which organizations do you refer clients? (List up to four - need not be from previous list.)

12. If you do not make referrals to civil legal services organizations, why not? (Check all that apply.)

13. Based on your experience with your client population, please provide your opinion regarding the effectiveness of each of the following legal services techniques:

  Very effective Moderately effective Not effective Unsure Did not know services existed
Clinics (in-person discussions of legal issues with legal professionals) 
Direct representation
Scheduled neighborhood sessions for one-on-one intake
On-line legal services (websites, interactive forms, advice, brochures)
Telephone hotlines providing self-help advice
Community outreach and education for providers
Community outreach and education for clients
Policy and legislative work

14. In the next three questions, please rate what you believe to be factors that affect your clients' ability to access legal services.
Client-related barriers:

  Very significant Moderately significant Not significant Unsure
Insufficient funds to pay attorneys
Lack of time
Lack of knowledge about available services
Unaware legal remedy existed
Lack of trust in agency or court process
Cognitive disability
Physical disability
Substance abuse
Domestic violence
Insufficient access to communication technology  (e.g., phone, computer)

15. Legal Services-related barriers:

  Very significant Moderately significant Not significant Unsure
Unable to contact a legal services provider
Client has a case normally accepted by legal services provider, but no attorney or advocate available to take case
Client has type of case not accepted by legal services provider
Client did not get level of service needed to fully resolve problem
Delay in legal services provider response
Client deemed over-income by legal services provider

16. Court/adjudicative-related barriers:

  Very significant Moderately significant Not significant Unsure
Unaware of proper procedures or rights
Unable to understand procedures
Unable to understand information given by agency or court personnel
Unable to use agency or court website
Unable to locate agency office or courthouse
Unable to reach agency or court by telephone
Lack of adequate language interpreters
Lack of handicapped accessibility
No place to affordably park

17. If a client, or you on behalf of a client, have contacted Statewide Legal Services in the previous 12 months, please relate any comments positive or negative about our services.

18. Please tell us how best to improve our services.

19. Tell us about yourself. Please give us your name, title and the organization you are representing.

20. Please tell us whether you would like to have the results of our legal needs survey later his year.