Thank you for helping Howell Township develop our first Parks and Recreation Master Plan. This short survey should take less than seven minutes to complete. Your input will help to guide the direction of the plan and will have a direct impact on the future of recreation opportunities in the township.

* 1. How important are the following items to you and your family?

  Very important Important Somewhat important Not important
Access to active use facilities (e.g. soccer, football, baseball, tennis, etc.)
Access to and protection of natural resources
Access to picnic facilities
Access to paths and trails
Access to recreation programming

* 2. The areas surrounding Howell Township accommodate all of my outdoor recreational needs.

* 3. How frequently do you visit these area parks?

  Very often (More than 12 times per year) Often (7 to 12 times per year) Occasionally (3 to 6 times per year) Rarely (1 to 3 times per year) Never
Cohoctah Horse Park and Trails
Lutz County Park
Howell Nature Center
Genoa Township Playground & Fields
Oceola Township Playground & Fields
Brighton City Parks
Brighton State Recreation Area
Pinckney Recreation Area
Island Lake Recreation Area
Huron Meadows Metropark
Kensington Metropark

* 4. Are you aware that Howell Township is a member of the Howell Area Parks & Recreation Authority, allowing you to attend programs at discounted rates & receive 2 free passes for the Howell City Park?

* 5. In general, how far do you commute to participate in outdoor recreational activities?

* 6. What type of activities do you or your family regularly participate in? Check all that apply.

* 7. Would you like to see a Township-owned park developed?

* 8. What kind of amenities would you like to see in a Township-owned park? Check all that apply.

* 9. How frequently do you walk, run, or bike outside for exercise or recreation?

* 10. Do you use regional trails or trails in neighboring communities?

* 11. Would you like to see a trail system developed in Howell Township?

* 12. Are there any specific routes you would like to see developed?

* 13. What types of activities should be accommodated on the trails?

* 14. If Howell Township developed a trail system, how much of an impact would it have on your activity level?

* 15. Are you a Howell Township resident?

* 16. Please tell us the ages of the members of your household. Check all that apply.

* 17. Do you have any additional comments and/or suggestions regarding future parks, trails or general recreation in Howell Township?