Is your firm really green? Does it have systems, processes and support to help it deliver consistent, high-quality projects? Take the Sustainable Performance Institute quiz below to find out!

Sustainability in professional practice means that the fundamental principles of healthy, high performance and integrative design are present as a basis of design and construction excellence on all projects and are not just an 'added on' service which is the exception to the rule.

Excellence in sustainability practice is based on critical thinking and a collaborative design process aligned with the following principles:
• Performance-based design
• Collaborative process of analysis and effective decision-making
• Reliance on metrics and accountability
• Focus on systems integration and optimization
• Effective use of tools and analysis to inform critical decisions
• Feedback loops for continuous learning from built work and operations
• Intentional efforts to improve the corporation's own sustainability 'footprint'

This survey has 6 sections which represent different critical aspects of true company capability. Please respond as honestly and completely as possible so that we can accurately assess the current situation and help the company develop a plan for increased sustainability going forward.

CONFIDENTIALITY: this survey is completely confidential. Your responses to the survey questions will NOT be associated with you. We will provide the company with aggregate information, not associated with any individual.

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