* 1. Is this your first yar to ride wtih the BEEF Team for Tour de Cure?

* 2. Has participating in this program changed your mindset and understanding of how lean beef fits into a healthy diet?

* 3. Did the communication from and with TBC and the resources available meet your expectations?

* 4. As a Beef Team member have you received any positive or negative feedback from anyone (friends, family, consumers, etc...) you would like to share with us?

* 5. Did the cycling jersey fit your needs?

* 6. Did you use the thank you cards TBC provided?

* 7. Considering all you know about beef would you say...?

* 8. How often do you eat beef?

* 9. Did you participate in the pre-race team dinner?

* 10. Did you share with any other riders your experiences with the BEEF Team? Please explain.

* 11. Did you receive a massage at the end of the race at the BEEF Team tent?

* 12. What additional feedback would you like to share with TBC regarding your participation with the BEEF Team for Tour de Cure?

* 13. What could TBC do to enhance your experience with the BEEF Team?

* 14. What additional feedback do you have, specifically about the Tour de Cure, that we can share with ADA?

* 15. Would you like to be a part of the BEEF Team for Tour Cure 2013?

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