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As the City of Houston grows, so does its need to address important issues regarding solid waste collection, recycling, and waste disposal. Currently, the City of Houston generates approximately 4.2 million tons of waste per year. Identifying ways to reduce this waste and assuring disposal capacity are critical to Houston's long-term environment.

The City of Houston is asking for your input as part of our long-range solid waste management planning process.  The input you can provide is important, valuable and will help the City create a plan that will improve the solid waste services provided; that protects Houston’s environment and contributes to making our community stronger.  This survey is a way to help the City understand your priorities and concerns.

The survey will take approximately 13 minutes to complete.  At the end of this survey, there are links to resources for you to find out more about reducing waste, increasing recycling and sustainable waste management.  There is also information on how to stay updated on the long-range solid waste management planning process.   Thank you in advance for your time, feedback and participation in making the plan for Houston’s future solid waste services.

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1. Are you a City of Houston resident?