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Thank you for participating in the survey! Deadline for completion is May 30.

The Housing Savannah Task Force was appointed by the Mayor and Aldermen of Savannah to assess the city’s housing needs and develop recommendations for increasing the availability and affordability of quality housing for all households regardless of income.

After six months of research and evaluation, the Housing Savannah Task Force has determined that Savannah does not have enough quality housing available at costs that are affordable to a significant percentage of its residents. This is due, in part, to housing costs outpacing incomes at a rate of at least 2:1 over the last 30 years, making it difficult for about 21,400 (40%) of Savannah households to afford quality housing. This includes working households making less than $50,000 annually and single persons making less than $35,000 annually. It also includes the homeless, renters, homeowners and homebuyers.  These conditions hurt those in need of housing, our community and our economy. 

The Housing Savannah Task Force has developed five major strategies and a series of action items to address housing conditions in Savannah. Successful implementation will take a community wide effort, including investments by local governments, businesses, philanthropies and citizens.

The Task Force is seeking your input on Savannah’s housing challenges and proposed housing strategies and action items. You may view these proposed recommendations and associated videos at After your review, please take a few minutes to complete this survey and share your thoughts. Thank you.

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* 1. Do you know persons who have struggled to find and maintain quality, affordable housing?

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* 2. If so, what were their challenges? Please select all that apply.

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* 3. The Task Force has determined that the groups of Savannahians listed below are likely to face challenges accessing housing in good condition that is affordable:
- Homeless individuals and families
- Renters, homeowners, and homebuyers with modest, low and fixed incomes including senior citizens, families and workers
- Persons on the verge of eviction or foreclosure through no fault of their own
- Persons with special needs or disabilities
- Persons who have experienced housing discrimination
- Persons returning to society after successfully completing prison/jail sentences

Please list below other groups who you think need access to housing in good condition that is affordable.

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* 4. In addition to contractors, developers, landlords, realtors, banks and mortgage companies, please check below other local organizations you think should contribute financial and other resources to improve the condition, availability and affordability of housing in Savannah. Please select all that apply.

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* 5. Please provide the Housing Savannah Task Force with your thoughts about what you think Savannah needs in order to help ensure that quality and affordable housing is accessible to all Savannahians.

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