The Hot Springs Village Recreation Committee would like to get thoughts and suggestions from residents with children, visiting grandchildren and other interested persons within Hot Springs Village concerning youth involvement activities which may be possible to initiate for the youth of our community. The Committee recognizes that the Village attracts many retirees. Many of the programs we offer are directed toward adults and retirees. With all the amenities the Village has to offer, we attract families with children as well. We are requesting your input on what activities the Village could offer the youth of our community.

The following are activities which have been tried or recommended in the past. Please mark those you feel should be further developed and in which you feel your or other community children could participate.

The Committee will compile the submissions and review how best to develop resources to implement if feasible based on facilities and finances those items considered most popular and practical.

* 1. Music Lessons (piano, guitar, etc.)

* 2. Programs at the Library (Reading, story time, etc.)

* 3. Swimming Lessons

* 4. Sports Lessons (Pickleball, Bocce, Lawnbowling, Volleyball etc.)

* 5. Hobbies (Knitting, Crochet, Coins, etc.)

* 6. Sewing or Cooking Clubs/Instruction

* 7. Dance (Hip Hop, Ballroom, etc.)

* 8. Gymnastics Classes

* 9. Nature Tours / Guided Hiking Tours

* 10. Art Lessons (Painting, Watercolors, etc.)

* 11. Tennis Lessons/League

* 12. After School Tutoring (Math, Science, English, etc.)

* 13. Miniature Golf Competitions/Lessons

* 14. Basketball Competition / Leagues

* 15. In addition to these items, please note below additional activities you feel would be beneficial for our Village Youth.

* 16. Number of children in household?  

* 17. Number of Grandchildren and their ages

* 18. Do you have children in Jessieville or Fountain Lake School District?

* 19. If a minimal fee were required, would your child still participate?