Thank you for expressing an interest in the Medford Rogues Baseball Host Family Program. Our host families are an important and valued part of the Rogues’ family. Our ability to provide our players with a safe and supportive living situation plays a key role in attracting high caliber players to the Rogues.  

The Rogues are committed to not only developing these young men both on the field and off. We are looking for families who will help us achieve this goal!

Here is some basic information:

-The Rogues place baseball players with host families.  Without host families the baseball club would be hard pressed to succeed. These local families open up their homes allowing our players to join their families.  Host families receive season tickets as well as in-park discounts.
-Our players are within the ages of 18-21, with the majority of them being 18 to 20 years old. They will come to Medford from all over the United States and need a very stable home environment during their stay. It is our commitment to our players, their parents and coaches to provide them with a good home.
-The players will arrive late May and will be here until about mid August but that depends on playoffs. Many times their families will come to visit during the season. It is at your discretion as to whether you want to open your home to your player's family.
-We have team guidelines and policies that the players and host families must abide by while with our organization.  Upon being accepted as a Host Family we give out the Guidelines which include topics such as:  curfew, social gatherings, problems that may occur, house rules, emergencies, who to notify, topics of discussion, etc.   
-Our goal is for our players to have a home away from home and be good citizens.
-Most players will have their own transportation.  Those who don’t are expected to make arrangements with team mates to get to and from the park.
-We want our host family program to be second to none.  We will work to match each player's personality and backgrounds with quality host homes. Furthermore, each potential host family is carefully screened and presented with our team's expectations of the host family.

We thank you for your enthusiasm and interest in our program.

* 1. Host Father's Full Legal Name

* 2. Host Mother's Full Legal Name

* 3. Address

* 4. Host Father's Occupation

* 5. Hours

* 6. Cell Phone Number

* 7. Host Mother's Occupation

* 8. Hours

* 9. Cell Phone Number

* 10. Children's Names Who Live at Home and Ages

* 11. Any other people living in the house: (list names and relationship)

* 12. Kinds of pets (please list):

* 13. Hobbies of the Family: 

* 14. Is your family involved in sports? If so, what kind? And how? 

* 15. Allergies In Your Household: 

* 16. Does anyone in the house smoke? 

* 17. Approximate miles to Harry and David Field from your home: 

* 18. Is there a computer available with internet/e-mail? DSL/Cable internet?

* 19. Are you familiar with the program? Have you hosted with other programs? If so, who?

* 20. Do know any of our current host families? If so, who?

* 21. Would you be interested in more than one player?

* 22. Are you a season ticket holder?

* 23. Reason for wanting to be a host family:

* 24. Do you have house rules? If so, what are they? 

* 25. Please write below any other notes of interest:

* 26. Do you give permission for your name, address, phone and email to be listed in a Medford Rogues Host Family Directory to be given to all Host Families?