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* 1. How familiar are you with the services of Hospital Transfers? Please select only 1.

* 2. How long have you used our services?


* 3. How familiar are you with our online booking system?


* 4. How do you decide when to use Hospital Transfers?


* 5. On average, how would you rate the professionalism of our Drivers and/or Attendants

* 6. How would you rate the appearance of our crews/vehicle/equipment ??


* 7. How would you rate the skill / knowledge level of our Drivers/Crews?

* 8. How would you rate the communication from Hospital Transfers regarding the status of your transfer?

* 9. How would you rate our punctuality when picking up or dropping off Scheduled transfers ??

* 10. On average, how would you rate the politeness of our Call Center Customer Service Staff?

* 11. How aware of the costs associated with our service are you ??


* 12. Did you know that the Health Authority is charged for the time SN Transport crews are left waiting if the patient isn’t ready on time, as well as for trips that are cancelled with short notice?

* 13. Did you know that patients that are sent home with SN Transport will receive an invoice for $50? (patients sent home with BC Ambulance will billed $80 for their transfer)

* 14. What could Hospital Transfers do for you, to help make your job easier?

* 15. Are there any transfer services you would like to see added to support you and your department?

* 16. How have you or your department benefited from our services?

* 17. What aspects of our service require improvement? ?

* 18. What factors do you consider when calling Hospital Transfers?


* 19. What do the Patients think ?? Have you had comments from Patents or family members about the service from us - please rate how they feel about Hospital Transfers service.