Welcome to the Hospice of Mercy Iowa Donor Network online video training post quiz. Please complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability after you have watched the Hospice of Mercy Iowa Donor Network video located on the Hospice of Mercy volunteer webpage (www.mercycare.org/hospice). If any questions, please email mclapp@mercycare.org. Thank you!

* 1. How many people are on the national waiting list for a lifesaving organ transplant?

* 2. How can you register to be an organ and tissue donor?

* 3. What percentage of burn unit patients are pediatric (children)?

* 4. What tissues can be donated?

* 5. Donor adipose tissue contains stem cells that when placed with the recipient's bone, skin or connective tissue will invigorate the recipient's body to grow that type of tissue faster aiding in the healing process.

* 6. It will cost the donor family money to donate their loved one's organs and tissues.

* 7. If I sign up to be an organ and tissue donor, first responders will not try to save my life.

* 8. Organ and tissue donation won't affect my wishes to have a funeral with an open casket.

* 9. Please complete the following information: