Welcome to the Hospice of Mercy safety and security online video training post quiz. Please complete the questionaire to the best of your ability after you have watched the Hospice of Mercy volunteer safety and security video located on the Hospice of Mercy volunteer webpage (www.mercycare.org/hospice). If any questions, please email mclapp@mercycare.org. Thank you!

* 1. Code Pink or Code Nap at Mercy Medical Center (MMC) means that there has been a kidnapping of a baby, child or an adult who is being taken from the facility against their will.

* 2. When a code alert is heard, it includes the age, race and sex of the missing person.

* 3. In the event of a Code Pink or Code Nap at MMC, you should go to the nearest door and prevent EVERYONE from entering or exiting the building except law enforcement officers.

* 4. Code Silver at MMC means that there is a an armed intruder in the facility.

Fire safety is everyone's responsibility. A "Red Alert" at MMC indicates there is a fire. the acronym RACE is a helpful tool to remember the steps to take in case of a fire. Please select the appropriate step for each of the following letters:

* 5. RACE
"R" represents:

* 6. RACE
"A" represents:

* 7. RACE
"C" represents:

* 8. RACE
"E" represents:

* 9. To rescue a patient or staff member means you move them as far a you can from the immediate vicinity of the fire. Pulling the alarm closest to the fire is your next step. After pulling the alarm ensure that the door is closed nearest the fire to slow its progress. When evacuating ensure YOU exit the nearest door of the facility quickly.

* 10. If there is a tornado warning issued at Hospice of Mercy, everyone in the building should precede to the north end of the building. There is no lower level at the Dennis and Donna Oldorf Hospice House of Mercy so the north hallway provides us the greatest protection. The tornado warning will be issued via the phone system at the Oldorf Hospice House of Mercy. The speaker on the facility phones will issue the warning.

If there is a tornado warning issued at the Oldorf Hospice House of Mercy I will:

* 11. Personal belongings, like a purse, should be placed in a secure place before entering the building to perform my duties for hospice.

The MOST secure area would be:

* 12. Please complete the following information: