The Hope Mills Parks and Recreation Department is requesting feedback from individuals age 55+ in the Hope Mills and neighboring communities. We appreciate your participation in this survey.

* 1. Did you know that Hope Mills Parks and Recreation offers 55+ programs?

* 2. How do you receive Hope Mills Senior Programs information and updates?

* 3. Do you reside within the Hope Mills tax district?

* 4. Why do you travel to Hope Mills for 55+ programs?

* 5. Do you currently participate in Hope Mills Senior Programs?

* 6. Would you be willing to pay a non-resident fee if you reside outside the Town of Hope Mills city limits?

* 7. Please rate the following on a scale from poor to excellent by placing a check mark in the column of your choice:

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent N/A
Overall variety of programs
Group Fitness
Creative Arts
Humanitarian/Community Service
Special Events
Drop-in (fitness room, game room, gymnasium, walking trail)

* 8. Please name any additional programs you would like us to consider for the future:

* 9. Please provide your name and contact information (optional):