Residential Honors Program

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For new incoming students: Thanks for your interest in Powell Hall Honors Theme housing. Requests to live in Powell will be accepted until all reserved new student space is filled. On your Housing and Food Service contract that you submit through WebAdvisor, also indicate Powell Hall as your top preference hall and complete this survey.

For returning students: All surveys must be completed along with your housing registration for the upcoming academic year. Taking a few minutes to fill out this brief survey helps us understand level of interest and impact of the Residential Honors Program in Powell. It also serves as a pre-registration form for those who are interested in living there next year.

For non-returning residents who currently reside in Powell Hall:  We would appreciate your feedback so that we can continue to make positive chances to the living and learning environment.

Thanks for providing your feedback and letting us know if you are interested in living in Powell next year.


Michael Tessier
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Director of Residence Life

Brian Conner
Assistant Director of Residence Life

Cherie Leonhardt