Street Furniture Australia will proudly present ‘Homifying Sydney Olympic Park,’ a freely available webinar - accredited by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects for 1 formal CPD point - as part of the upcoming Land-e-Scape online festival.

Date: Wednesday 14 October, 2020
Time: 12.05 - 12.50pm AEST
Viewing link: Go to the webinar premiere page (link -

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The session will explore how human-centred design was applied for community consultation at Sydney Olympic Park.

Human-centred design is a process more typically seen in product or software development than in placemaking. At Street Furniture Australia we use it to create our products and services. But it turns out the methodology is also an effective tool for uncovering the unmet needs and aspirations of a community.

To ‘homify’ is to create an ambience that is comfortable and immediately relaxing … a feeling that evokes, ‘I’m home’.

The Homify project is an initiative led by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority in collaboration with CM+ and Street Furniture Australia.

The webinar will be hosted by June Lee Boxsell, Head of Innovation at Street Furniture Australia, with David Martin and Mark Armstrong.

David Martin is a registered landscape architect and Manager of Public Domain Design with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority. David has more than 30 years of experience in both the private and public sectors and is a passionate advocate for sustainability and landscape architecture.

Mark Armstrong is an industrial designer and one of the leading human-centred design voices in Australia. Mark is a Fellow at the Design Institute of Australia and Inductee to the Hall of Fame. He is also Practice Professor in Design at Monash University, and Design Advisor to Street Furniture Australia.

These two experts, from very different fields, will share their experience collaborating on Homify.
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