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Home care and hospice aides, nurses, therapists, and other frontline staff have acted courageously in the face of America’s worst pandemic of our lifetime.

They’ve done so at the epicenter of this international crisis, in New York, through countless individual deeds of heroism that exemplify the true principles and spirit of home care and hospice. They’ve stepped up to treat and monitor the effects of a lethal new virus, serving the intensive post-acute needs of patients returning home from the hospital suffering with illness. They’ve reassured patients who are scared. They’ve taken every measure to keep patients safe – and to help them feel safe. They’ve adapted to a new reality and entirely new ways of practicing home care. 

Please tell us their stories by completing the online form below as part of HCA’s new Home Care Hero recognition campaign.

When HCA receives your entry, we’ll contact you by email to confirm receipt of your submission.  If you have submitted a photograph of your hero, both the photograph and the story will be featured on HCA's website as well as on social media.  If you prefer to submit a brief video rather than a photograph, please contact Jenny Kerbein at or at (518) 810-0659.  

We plan to feature several of these profiles at HCA’s Annual Conference on August 25 and 26. Individuals featured in our online profiles will also automatically receive a “Home Care Hero” button to wear proudly as they continue their great work in their community!

Got questions? Contact Jenny Kerbein at

*Please note that entries will be edited for length, style or clarity. However, if there are any substantive content questions, we will reach out to you. By completing this form, you are giving HCA permission to immediately publish your submitted story subject to any HCA edits, at our discretion, as described above.

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* 3. HCA will not post hero profiles online or on social media until we have a photo to go with your submission. Please be sure to send us your best picture so that we can make the most impact with a story and image.  To submit your photograph, please attach your PNG or JPG file below.  There is a 16M size limit for each file.  Alternatively, you can submit a photograph or brief video to Jenny Kerbein directly at  For questions or more information please contact Jenny Kerbein at 518-810-0659.  

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