Welcome to Holy Spirit at Geist's Building Project Survey!

Dear Holy Spirit Parishioners:

You are receiving this email because your name was given by the staff at Holy Spirit as someone who is active and interested in the life and programs happening at Holy Spirit.  We are continuing our study of what an addition to the Parish Life Center (PLC) should look like to best meet the needs of our parishioners.  Therefore, I am sending you this very brief survey, which should take five to ten minutes for you to complete.  This survey is the first step in gathering your ideas of what should be included, so please take just a few moments to provide thoughtful responses, especially within the open comment questions.

The steps are simple (I hope):

  1. At the bottom of this page you will see two links. The first one is four pages listing the programs that are presently using our facilities and the number of people attending these programs.  The second link is a one page population growth in Fishers over the past twenty years and a projection of growth over the next twenty years. Please take some time and read these pages before continuing with the survey.
  2. Please complete all the questions within the survey
  3. The last step is the easiest and longest – Pray, that if it is God’s will, we will know if such a building is needed and will serve the needs of our growing parish community for years to come.
Thank you for your assistance!

God bless you and all our Holy Spirit Family

 Rev. Daniel B. Gartland

Growth of Fishers 

How Space is currently used at HSP


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