Senate Bill (SB) 50 requires developers to pay impact fees to school districts to mitigate student growth impacts borne by the school district, but it also caps such fees at a level that are generally acknowledged as inadequate to pay for needed new school facilities in growing communities. The Hollister School District (HSD) and San Benito High School District (SBHSD) has reported that existing impact fees are insufficient to fund a new schools necessitated by the amount of pipeline growth within the City Limits and unincorporated county.

To ensure that the school districts maintain existing service levels, the City could explore new strategies to increase developer contributions to new school facilities. Although SB 50 limits the amount of required impact fees a jurisdiction can require, there are several other methods, listed in the question below, that the City could use to generate additional fees.

Question Title

* 1. Which of the following strategies, if any, should be included in the General Plan to attempt to ensure collection of additional funds to cover construction costs for needed new school facilities: (Choose as many as desired.)