Heritage trees are trees that provide special significance to the community based on historical, environmental, or aesthetic value. The preservation of heritage trees can enhance the attractiveness of a city, protect against extreme temperatures, encourage quality development, and help increase property values. For these and other reasons, jurisdictions establish policies and regulations to control the removal and preservation of heritage trees within the city. 

The 2005 General Plan Policy LU 3.4 calls for the preservation of existing significant trees and tree groupings where possible and replacing trees when removed due to site development. The Hollister Municipal Code (HMC) has a Street Tree Ordinance for trees along publicly maintained streets that requires written authorization prior to pruning, cutting, removing, or replacing any street trees. There is also a provision for new residential development to preserve existing trees greater than 4 inches in diameter and 4 feet or more above grade level. While the 2005 General Plan and HMC promote tree preservation, there are no clear definitions of what constitutes a significant tree and there are no measures in place to ensure heritage trees on private property are protected.

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* 1. Which of the following heritage tree policies and actions should be included in the General Plan? (Choose one or more from the list below.)