The Complete Streets Act (Assembly Bill [AB] 1358) requires cities to modify the Circulation Element of their General Plan to plan for a balanced, multimodal transportation network that meets all users’ needs for safe and convenient travel in a manner that is suitable to the local context. Any revision of a General Plan Circulation Element triggers AB 1358’s requirements. A complete street is a street that is planned, designed, operated, and maintained to provide safe mobility for all users, not just for vehicles. Examples of elements of complete streets include sidewalks, bike lanes, transit lanes, frequent crossings, median islands, curb extensions, and other transportation facilities.

Safe Routes to School is an international effort to encourage K-12 students to walk or bicycle to school and is an important component of planning for complete streets. Children make up a special group of pedestrians whose needs are different than those of adults. Additional safety considerations must be made when planning pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure for youth as they have lower inhibitions, do not necessarily know to use peripheral vision or listen for oncoming vehicles, are smaller and therefore more difficult for motorists to see, and do not yet understand driver behavior.

The City has participated in Safe Routes to School efforts in collaboration with the Council of San Benito County Governments, Hollister School District, two local schools and school principals, Police and Sheriff Departments, San Benito County Health Department, local bicycle groups, parents, and the community. Safe Routes to School programs provide several community benefits, such as lowering transportation costs, decreasing pedestrian and bicycle collisions, reducing traffic congestion and student absences or tardiness, improving academic performance, and promoting cleaner air, which helps lower asthma attacks.  

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* 1. Which of the following complete streets and safe routes to school policies and actions should be included in the General Plan? (Choose one or more.)