According to the AMBAG, the City of Hollister currently contains nearly 14,000 total jobs.  An estimated 32 percent of these jobs are in service industries, primarily driven by local demand for services, including healthcare, real estate, and financial services.  Another 27 percent of the existing employment is driven by the public sector, including local, state, and federal employment.  Nearly 20 percent of Hollister employment is within the industrial sector, including manufacturing, transportation and distribution, and construction firms.  Over the past decade, job growth within the region has not kept pace with population and household growth, leading to a significant amount of Hollister residents commuting to the Monterey Bay Area and San Francisco Bay Area for jobs.  Hollister does, however, contain a significant inventory of vacant and underutilized commercial and industrial sites to accommodate business location and expansion within the city. 

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* 1. Which of the following job creation policies and actions should be included in the General Plan? (Choose one or more from the list below.)