Located in north Hollister, the Hollister Municipal Airport is a major asset for existing and future economic development within the city.  The City of Hollister has invested heavily in recent upgrades to the runways, storm drainage, and other on-site infrastructure to support aviation and future development.  In addition to potential new development on airport property, one unique aspect of the Hollister Municipal Airport is its “through-the-fence” access, which allows privately-owned land adjacent to the airport direct access to the airport runways and taxiways.  This can be an attractive attribute for nearby properties, according to industrial developers and landowners in northern Hollister.  To better leverage the airport as a means for business location and broader economic development goals, the City could elect to do all, some, or none of the options below.

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* 1. Which of the following policies and actions to encourage and support the airport should be included in the General Plan? (Choose one or more from the list below.)