Welcome to the Hollis VFD and EMS Survey

We have convened an HVFD & EMS Working Group, with the goal that we can work as a community to move forward, so that the Hollis Volunteer Fire Department & Emergency Medical Services will be a trusted, inclusive and well organized volunteer community organization that serves all of our community.
We cannot do this alone.  Before we can take any steps, we need feedback from our community members to find out:
1.     what community members want from their volunteer fire department and emergency medical services
2.     what community members would like to bring to the volunteer fire department and emergency services as far as time or talent or resources. 

In addition, we will complete a SWOTS (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis to support and assist with our planning.  The working group will use the written SWOTS Analysis information received in this survey to:
1.     identify and fix what is broken and build upon what is working and successful. This will entail looking at what we have and what we know – inventory, policy, needs etc, in order to:
a.     Analyze and prioritize organization needs.
b.     Determine best organization structure and roles
c.      Develop simple sustainable systems created to support the organization through thick and thin.
2.     create a written public plan to address issues with timelines
3.     recruit others who have the skillsets to help with different areas in support of the plan.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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