The Gibsons & District Public Library (GDPL), the Sunshine Coast Museum & Archives (SC Museum), and Town Hall, which are all situated on the Holland Lands, need to expand their physical space.

As a result, the Holland Lands Cultural Corner Select Committee (the Committee) was formed in June 2021, for the purpose of exploring whether this shared need for space might provide an opportunity to collaborate on a revisioning and revitalization of the Holland Lands.

The Committee is comprised of representatives from all of the Holland Lands' tenant organizations, including the Sunshine Coast Regional District, GDPL, School District 46, SC Museum, Huckleberry Daycare and Sunshine Coast Tourism, as well as the Town’s Interim Chief Administrative Officer and Councillor Aleria Ladwig. Its goal was to study the feasibility of revitalizing the Holland Lands, and to make recommendations to the Town of Gibsons’ Council regarding a revitalization, which would:

·         Provide a strong focal point for the community;

·         Address the space needs of the current occupants;

·         Explore space needs/opportunities from other complementary users; and

·         Enhance the public use, comfort and enjoyment of the open spaces.

Since June 2021, the Committee has met many times and been guided by a consultant (MODUS) through a step-by-step process designed to: identify Project Principles; determine facility needs; establish the physical opportunities and constraints of the site; explore possible design concepts; develop key redevelopment themes; confirm zoning and design guidelines; and present some “big ideas and themes” for consideration.

Now, with this initial foundational work completed, the Holland Lands Committee would like to receive input from the community on the potential approaches and initiatives which could be taken on the Holland Lands. 

The majority of feedback will be received via the following community survey, which will be open until May 20, 2022. After that, the survey results will be analyzed and shared with the Town of Gibsons' Council to aid in their decision-making with regard to the future of the Holland Lands.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about, and comment on, the Holland Lands Revitalization Project!

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* 1. Are you a resident of the Town of Gibsons?

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* 2. Please provide your street address. (We are asking respondents to provide this information to discourage multiple submissions by a single respondent. This increases the validity of the survey results.)

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* 3. Have you reviewed the presentation boards created by the Holland Lands Revitalization Select Committee?

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* 4. Board #3 presents a series of Project Principles, including: Aquifer Preservation; Good Fit, Good Neighbours; People First; Commercial Activity, Vibrancy; Open Space Connectivity; A Green Heart; Accessibility; The Squamish Nation; The Persephone; Address Current/Future Needs.

Please drag and drop to arrange the principles in order of their importance to you.

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* 5. Board #6 presents a series of Key Themes for Redevelopment, including: Process Integrity; Green Space; Accessibility Improvements; Squamish Nation Representation; Development Partnerships/Housing; Small-Scale Commercial; Transportation and Connection.

Please drag and drop to arrange the themes in order of their importance to you.

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* 6. Board #7 presents some “Big Ideas, Emerging Themes & Opportunities” to consider when thinking about how best to revitalize this property, including: Mixed Use Housing and Retail; Streets as Shared Spaces; Park Enhancements; Connection to Winegarden; A Thriving Civic Heart; and Complementing the Waterfront.

Please tell us how you feel about these themes. For example, are there any ideas that you particularly like or don’t like? Are there any other big ideas or themes you would like to see considered?

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* 7. One of the Big Ideas presented on Board #7 is for the northern corner of the Holland Lands to be developed for residential and small-scale commercial uses. The resulting revenues could then be used to help offset some of the project’s construction costs or to fund other improvements such as expanding the museum or enhancing the park area. Development would also boost future taxation revenues by growing the Town’s tax base.

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “Strongly Favor” and 5 being “Strongly Oppose”, what is your current level of support for partnering with a developer to explore opportunities for a small-scale commercial or residential development on a portion of the Holland Lands?

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* 8. Board #8 outlines the Zoning and Design Guidelines that would control the form and character of future development on the Holland Lands. Do these guidelines accurately reflect the form and character you would like to see in any new development that occurs on the Holland Lands?

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* 9. Board #10 - The Committee voiced a strong preference towards a “step-wise approach” whereby shared goals and objectives – and a continued effort to seek opportunities and leverage resources – guide a thoughtfully phased, financially viable and incrementally redeveloped civic precinct.

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “Strongly Favor” and 5 being “Strongly Oppose”, what is your current level of support for a collective approach to revitalizing the Holland Lands?

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* 10. Is there anything else you would like Council to consider when thinking about “Next Steps” for the Holland Lands?