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* 1. FNDC Fundraiser Hold Harmless Agreement

Full Disclosure.  All participants must read & sign

before eating or drinking any food or beverage at this Fundraising event. 

NOTICE to Participants: This is to inform all participants that some of the
prepared food being offered here today was prepped and cooked at the homes of the individuals, friends and or family members of the organizers. 

 By clicking yes you affirm that YOU are responsible for your decision to participate in any way at this event.  You have the right to choose what you consume and the activities you participate in.  You are not being forced, coerced or mis-lead in anyway by the organizers of this event.  You hold no other soul responsible for any harm that may come to you as a result of your freewill participation here today.  You are over 18 and can legally sign this hold harmless agreement for yourself and children with you today.

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* 2. Your full name and address

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* 3. Full Names of underage participants you are signing for

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