Building Power for Change: Historical Perspectives - What are our goals?

Thank you for your interest in the Building Power for Change: Historical Perspectives workshop for Hamilton County Leaders and Organizers. This session will take place Thursday October 12th from 6 - 8 PM @ UnifiEd's offices, 1609 McCallie Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37404 

This session is part of the series of growth opportunities that UnifiEd offers for community members seeking to ensure that all of young people have the opportunity to succeed and flourish while in school and after they graduate.

Our goals for the training are to:

(1) Build relationships, share stories, and grow empathy for neighbors

(2) Understand shared language for our work

(3) Learn about the history and politics of education policy

(4) Develop skills to grow capacity for critical empathy essential for sustained political engagement

(5)  Shift power and decision-making from UnifiEd staff to community leaders

(6) Share stories and vision together about Hamilton County schools

Thank you for registering and answering some questions about yourself. This should take about 5 minutes and will help us prepare for our time together.

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What is your telephone number?

* 3. What is your email?

* 4. Do you have food allergies? If so, please list them below

* 5. Do you need physical support to attend the meeting? If so, what do you need?

* 6. Will your children be with us at Building Power for Change Part 2?
(Our staff will provide games but your children can come and go from the room.  If you plan to bring your children, please list their names below with their ages and any special needs we should know about.)

* 7. What did you learn from the Building Power for Change Part 1 session that you hope to build on during Part 2?

* 8. What do you hope to get out of Building Power for Change part 2?

* 9. What kind of leadership are you interested in undertaking within an equity initiative? (you can pick as many options as you want to!)

* 10. Do you have people in your community that would be interested in being contacted about this learning series? If so, what is their name and contact information?

* 11. Is there something that we should know or that you would like to add?