1. Introduction

Instructions: Thank you for participating in this academic survey that is being conducted by California State University Fullerton, Hispanicize Wire, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and Florida International University. This survey is assessing the opinions of Hispanic and Latino Journalists on the outlook and future needs of the profession. The results will be helpful to the industry as a whole and will be unveiled nationally in March at Hispanicize 2015 in Miami.

Participation will only take 5-6 minutes of your time and your participation in this survey is voluntary and anonymous. By clicking on the link and hitting done at the end of the survey below you are providing your consent and agreement to participate in the survey.

You are free to answer all, or any of the questions that are listed below, and are also free to either choose to not answer any question (feel free to skip it), and to exit the survey at any time by simply closing your browser window. Your anonymity and privacy is also important to us, at no time will you be asked for information that could identify you individually. To assist us in that effort we ask that you at no time place any identifying information in any of the open-ended question categories. Information from the results of the survey may be published, but given it is an anonymous survey, your name and the information you provide will not be linked or identified. If you have any question please feel free to contact Dr. Dean Kazoleas of California State University Fullerton by email at dkazoleas@fullerton.edu. Additionally, If you have questions about the rights of human research participants contact the CSUF IRB Office at (657) 278-7640 or irb@fullerton.edu.

Again, thank you for your time and for participating in this survey.