Welcome and Release

Hilltown Community Development Corporation (Hilltown CDC) is conducting a housing market study in the towns of Russell, Huntington and Chester.  This survey will help assess the needs for senior housing and multi-family housing in the region.  We need your help to make this survey useful to the region.  

Consent Agreement

All data in this study will treated as strictly confidential. Your name will never be identified with any of the information you provide. Only Hilltown CDC and related researchers will have access to the list of participants’ names.

The results of this study will be made part of a final research report and may be used in papers submitted for publication or presented at professional conferences, but under no circumstances will your name or other identifying characteristics be included.

If you provide your address in order to receive additional information about Hilltown CDC's work, that information will not be used to identify you in the data. Research records will be kept in a locked file; only researchers will have access to the records.

By clicking agree, you are consenting to participate in this survey.