On November 2nd, 2021 Higley Unified School District residents voted on a $95 million dollar bond election. As a parent/guardian of Higley Unified School District, we would like to ask a few questions about the 2021 election (regardless of whether or not you voted in the 2021 election). In addition, Higley Unified School District would like input regarding a potential 2022 Bond Proposal. Our District administration is committed to engaging with stakeholders in key decisions directly affecting your child's education and experience within our schools.


As Higley Unified District continues to grow, additional capital funds are needed for the long-term financial health of the District to ensure that we continue to provide exceptional learning opportunities for students. It has been eight years since our last bond election. In order to keep Higley Unified moving forward as one of the top school districts in Arizona, it is time to review those capital and infrastructure needs to build upon our solid foundation. A new bond will allow Higley Unified to emphasize greater infrastructure and quality facilities to support exceptional learning opportunities for all students.

Bond History:

Higley Unified School District's previous bond authorization was approved in 2013 in the amount of $70 million. Voters approved the measure to provide the following:
- New school construction (including furniture and equipment)
- New buildings for existing school sites
- Land for new schools
- Technology upgrades and improvements
- Maintenance, repair and improvements at existing schools
- Pupil transportation

To learn more about previous bond authorizations and the 2021 proposed bond please visit our website https://www.husd.org/Page/48576.

This survey is completely anonymous and we thank you in advance for your feedback and input into this process!

Question Title

* Which school(s) does your child(ren) attend (select all that apply)?

Question Title

* In order to help us revise the previous categories from the 2021 Bond Election, please indicate whether you supported or did not support the following categories. You can find information about the previous bond election on our website https://www.husd.org/Page/48576.

  Strongly Support Somewhat Support Do Not Support Need More Information
Purchase of one of the two leased Middle Schools
Major Projects - Renovations, upgrades, and new construction
Technology including student devices, teacher laptops, projectors, and safety and security
Major Maintenance - flooring, roofing, exterior painting, and lighting
Transportation - new fuel efficient school buses
Land Purchase - additional land for potential new school

Question Title

* Please read each potential category for the 2022 potential bond proposal and indicate your level of support for the category.

  Strongly Support Somewhat Support Do Not Support Need More Information
Middle School Leases - purchase of one or both of the two leased middle schools
Technology - new student devices, new teacher laptops, new projectors, and network enhancements to support infrastructure
Safety and Security - enhanced Districtwide video monitoring system (all campuses), integrated intercom systems, upgraded fire alarm panels, and new two-way radios
Major Maintenance - new flooring, replaced roofing, new exterior painting, enhanced school landscaping, and energy efficient lighting
Transportation - new fuel efficient school buses
Major Projects - new school construction, classroom building additions, renovations, and remodeling

Question Title

* If the 2022 bond proposal results in a potential minimal property tax rate increase how likely would you be in support?

Question Title

* What modifications would need to be made to the 2022 Bond Proposal in order to increase your level of support for the bond?

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* Please share any comments or suggestions regarding the proposed 2022 bond categories.

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