Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out this survey regarding your known stormwater problem areas that affect your homes, businesses, and properties and/or practices that have been installed in the Highland Silver Lake watershed. Your response is greatly appreciated. Typically, an Open House event would be held to gather information but to protect the health of the community the watershed planning group we are conducting a written and online survey. This survey will help the successful completion of the updated Highland Silver Lake Watershed Plan.

The City of Highland, HeartLands Conservancy, and Andreas Consulting is updating the current Highland Silver Lake Watershed Plan, previously completed in 2011. Watershed plans are created to strategically address stormwater-related issues, including flooding and erosion, and provide voluntary recommendations for water quality protection, erosion reduction, and flood mitigation efforts.

Watershed plans are an effective way of attracting funding for stormwater solutions. In November 2018, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded HeartLands Conservancy a nearly $500,000 grant with additional funding from the City of Highland, to implement projects that address water quality and stormwater issues in the Highland Silver Lake watershed. To ensure the Highland Silver Lake Watershed can receive additional funding in the future, the plan must be updated approximately every ten years and landowner participation is critically important to completing an accurate watershed plan.

To ensure completion of a successful watershed plan, community input is needed to identify all the problem areas as well as practices that have been installed over the past 10 years. In place of open house events, the watershed planning group is sending out this survey for residents to complete online or filling out and mailing in the pages below. PLEASE COMPLETE AND RETURN THIS SURVEY BY MAY 1ST, 2021. Your time and input is greatly appreciated.

If you have questions of the survey or the watershed planning process, please contact:
Tyler Burk, HeartLands Conservancy
(618) 566-4451 ext. 25

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* 1. Please provide your address. (NOTE: Addresses will be kept confidential. Giving your address allows the planning team to identify locations of flooding. Follow-up information will only be sent if requested below.)

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