Welcome to the survey where you can give your views on Hertfordshire's review of Autism Education Provision.
Over the past year Dr Glenys Jones, Autism Centre for Education and Research, Birmingham University, has carried out a review in Hertfordshire to help improve the provision for autism. During this time she has worked closely with many parents and carers as well as staff from schools, settings and services.
The review has now been concluded and is available online at Hertsdirect. The full report and executive summary are available here http://www.hertsdirect.org/services/healthsoc/childfam/dspl/
Dr Jones gave a number of recommendations for improving education in Herts for children and young people on the Autistic Spectrum. In total there are 66 recommendations in the report, but Dr Jones made 9 Key recommendations which we would specifically like to get some feedback on initially.
We would like to know what your views are on her Key Recommendations, and whether you think they will meet the needs and improve outcomes for our children and young people.
Please answer as many questions as you can. All responses will be treated confidentially and HPCI will not share your personal details with third party organisations, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

* 1. Please tell us in what capacity you are completing this survey

* 2. Which DSPL (Delivering Special Provision Locally) Area do you live in? (These are the geographical areas Hertfordshire is divided into for the purpose of developing and delivering provision for children with SEND)

* 3. In order to answer the following questions you will need to read the summary of Dr Jones' report which can be found at http://www.hertsdirect.org/services/healthsoc/childfam/dspl/. For each Key recommendation please tell us what priority level you think it is. Please give us any comments you may have in the comment box. The comment box has a word count that is set to maximum, but there will be a further chance to comment later if you run out of space.

For Key Recommendation 1 - That each DSPL* area appoints an Autism Lead to take responsibility for the implementation of the key recommendations and to take a role in facilitating the exchange of good practice. (*Delivering Special Provision Locally - Herts is divided into 9 geographical areas, each with an area group that works to improve SEN provision in their area)

* 4. Key Recommendation 2 - That every mainstream and special school adopts the use of the Autism Education Trust National Standards for schools as a way of auditing their practice regularly to identify strengths and gaps and to develop an action plan to enhance provision.

* 5. Key Recommendation 3 - That every mainstream and special school invites parents and carers of children with autism to use the Autism Education Trust Working Together with your Child’s school document to facilitate discussion on what they feel their child needs and to discuss with parents the nature and frequency of contact they would like.

* 6. Key Recommendation 4 - That every mainstream and special school develops ways to regularly ascertain the views of children with autism or their response to school and the activities offered and to take action to address any issues arising

* 7. Key Recommendation 5 - That each DSPL area group sets up an early warning system to deliver a quick response in the few cases of children with autism where there is a significant change in circumstances and a danger of placement breakdown, as already happens for Looked After Children or children involved in road traffic accidents.

* 8. Key recommendation 6 - That every mainstream and special school has a named lead person for autism. This person could be the SENCo but in schools with many children with SEND (Special Educational Need and/or Disabilities), then an experienced staff member such as a Teacher or a Teaching Assistant could be the Lead for Autism. This person would take the lead in completing the Autism Education Trust National Standards in Autism to audit whole school practice and be a key person for staff and parents of pupils to contact.

* 9. Key Recommendation 7 - For every mainstream primary school to create an area which is quiet and free of distractions to which a pupil can go to work or to relax and reduce the level of social and sensory demands. This might be an area of the classroom or a specific area in the school.

* 10. Key Recommendation 8 - For every mainstream secondary school to have a Learning Support Centre for all pupils with SEND, which pupils with autism can access at any point in the school day, as needed, with prior consultation and agreement with staff.

* 11. Key recommendation 9 - That each DSPL area group explores alternative provision for part or all of the week for pupils with autism where their placement in a mainstream or special school is considered at risk by professionals and parents.

* 12. Do you think these Key Recommendations are the priorities from the review? If no, please say what you feel should be a priority.

* 13. What ideas do you have for putting the recommendations into practice?

* 14. How would you like to be kept informed of progress?

* 15. Do you have any other ideas or comments?

* 16. If you would like us to contact you by email or post to update you with future progress, please give us your email address or address below. We will not share this information with any third party.

Thank you very much for your feedback and taking the time to fill out this survey.