Food Truck Survey

The City of Hermiston is considering amending the Mobile Food Vending Ordinance and would like to hear from the Community. Please take a couple of minutes and participate in this survey and encourage others to do so as well.

Thank you.

The City of Hermiston currently has three licensed food trucks that operate within the city limits. There are a few minimum requirements to operate a food truck in the City. They are:

·         Provide five paved parking places.

·         Move everyday at least 400 feet away from the site.

·         Maintain a clean site

·         400 feet from other mobile food vendors (food trucks) or restaurants.

·         No seating for patrons

·         Hours – 6am to 10pm

·         A maximum of three licenses are available each year

·         Must be a truck or trailer (truck only after 2022)

·         No short-term food vending