We want to hear from you!
This survey is the same as our paper survey given out at our meetings. Please complete either this online survey or the paper survey, but not both.

Please take a moment to answer the following questions to let us know about how transit can serve you and your community. Survey responses will guide how we design the final long-term network. Please learn more at our website and provide answers to the following questions:

* 1. Which priorities are most important?
Transit can be designed for different priorities. Which priorities are more important to you? Which are less important? Please rank each priority from 1-8 (with 1 being the MOST important) using each number only once.  You may drag choices higher or lower or enter ranking numbers.

* 2. What new places would you like served by transit?
Please rank each priority from 1-5 (with 1 being the MOST important) using each number only once.  You may drag choices higher or lower or enter ranking numbers.

* 3. If you selected "other", list here:

Coverage vs. Ridership
In transit-planning, one major trade-offs is between RIDERSHIP and COVERAGE. Systems that prioritize RIDERSHIP run all buses along busy routes where there are lots of jobs, people and destinations. Systems that prioritize COVERAGE spread out buses so that many people have access to infrequent service. Transit systems are often asked to do both but must find a balance that suits the community it serves. How do you think Henrico’s transit network should prioritize? Please review the two images, then select your preference below.

These maps show two concepts for a possible future transit network in Henrico County. No funding has been identified to operate either transit network at this time.

Click here for a larger version of the Ridership map and here for a larger version of the Coverage map.

High Ridership Concept

High Ridership Concept

High Coverage Concept

High Coverage Concept

* 4. Coverage vs. Ridership
After looking at the two maps, what is your preference for a network design?

Tell us about you
We like to know about who has filled out our surveys. The following questions are optional, but they help us know the demographic profile of our survey respondents.

* 5. Additional Comments?

* 6. What is your gender?

* 7. What is your age?

* 8. What is your race or ethnicity? (Check any/all that apply.)

* 9. Check all that apply

* 10. Please write the ZIP code in which you live:

* 11. How many vehicles are available to your household?

* 12. What is your current household income?