* 1. Why did you choose Roosevelt University Heller College?

* 2. What other colleges did you consider prior to entering Roosevelt Heller College of Business?

* 3. Are you an alumnus of the Walter E Heller CBA graduate or undergraduate program?(please choose all that apply)

* 4. If you were an undergraduate only, have you ever considered the Roosevelt graduate programs?

* 5. When you made the decision to attend Roosevelt, how did you first hear about the university?

* 6. During your attendance at Roosevelt WEHCBA did you attend (please choose all that apply)

* 7. Did you participate in any Clubs or Organizations when you attended Roosevelt?

* 8. How long ago did you graduate?

* 9. How often have you heard from Roosevelt since graduation?

* 10. Are there programs or events that would be of interest to you or you would support? Please explain below:

* 11. The college is now connecting alumni mentors with students. Would you be interested in serving as a mentor twice a month?

* 12. How do you rate Roosevelt University Walter E Heller College of Business Administration in the following areas:

  Extremely Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent N/A
Course times and availability
Friendliness of staff
Knowledge of faculty
Classroom experiences
Academic Expectations of students
Quality of advising
Applicability to career goals
Recognition of degree by employers
Opportunities available after graduation
Career Services
Activities during attendance for students
Networking opportunities for students
Value of program for the cost
Convenience of location(s)
Financial aid information

* 13. Would you recommend your friends, co-workers, and family attend the Walter E Heller College of Business?

* 14. Into what age group do you fall?

* 15. Have you ever attended any Executive training, CPE (continuing professional education) or CE(continuing education) courses since your graduation?

* 16. Have you ever attended Executive Education at Heller College?

* 17. Have you participated in any RU or alumni programming?

* 18. Are you on the Heller College linked in or the Heller college FB page?

* 19. Did you get a promotion or new career upon graduation?

* 20. If you changed jobs or got a new job upon graduation, how long did it take you to get this job?

* 21. Where are you currently working?

* 22. What is the best way to communicate with you? (Please choose all that apply)

* 23. This survey is to help the college revise the strategic plan. What comments can you make that will help us build a great strategy?