This is a survey conducted by the Montana School Boards Association on behalf of the Helena Flats School Board to assist in the hiring of a new Superintendent. The School Board appreciates your time and assistance in completing this important survey. The results will help the Board as they review the applications for the position of superintendent of schools. SURVEY DEADLINE: March 29, 2018, 5:00 PM. MST.

* 1. I am responding to this survey primarily as (please select the title or role that best reflects the underlying basis or foundation for your responses):

* 2. Please rank the relative importance of each of the following activities for what you would consider to be a successful superintendent of Helena Flats School District.

  In my top third of priorities among items listed In my middle third of priorities among items listed In my bottom third of priorities among items listed
Direct the District’s educational programs.
Help the community understand District challenges and issues.
Maintain an active presence in state and national legislative and educational issues.
Oversee and facilitate the District’s day-to-day operations.
Oversee personnel policy and plan for District’s long-term staffing needs.
Oversee the planning and management of the District’s budget.
Plan short and long-term District (strategic) direction.
Provide recommendations and support for decision making by Board of Trustees.
Work collaboratively with the community in problem solving.

* 3. I want a Superintendent who:

  I consider this to be not important. I have no strong view on the matter. I consider this to be somewhat important. I consider this to be very important. I consider this absolutely necessary.
Supports board and employee training and self-improvement plans.
Has demonstrated leadership skills.
Has experience in budget planning and implementation.
Has experience in recruiting and retaining outstanding personnel.
Will work openly with the news media.
Has the ability to inspire creative problem solving and cooperation on the part of a diverse community and staff.
Is an articulate leader who presents a positive presence that will increase parental involvement and community support for the school district.
Has experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum and instruction with the goal of improving student achievement.
Has experience in the integration of technology in curriculum and management programs of the district.
Has a vision for the future of Helena Flats School District and has the ability to communicate that vision.
Is a person who will, above all other qualities, commit and defend what is ultimately best for the students.
Has experience in school law and policy development.

* 4. If you had only one opportunity to provide input to the Trustees regarding its selection of a superintendent for Helena Flats School District, what would you say? Please limit your remarks to 1-2 paragraphs and focus on the issue or issues of greatest importance to you in this selection process.