Hearing Screening Annual Report

If you are entering information for multiple schools in your district, please complete one survey per school, NOT per district. Once you have entered information into the survey for one school, restart the survey and enter information for the next school.  

* 1. Name of person submitting this report:

* 2. Position or title of the person completing this report:

* 3. Please complete the following information about the school where the screenings were conducted.

* 5. Please provide the school phone number.

* 6. Please enter your Ohio Department of Education IRN School Identification number.

If you do not know your IRN, you may find it by searching for your school through the following website:


**PLEASE BE AWARE: Your school may have a similar name to another in the state, please double check that the address matches for your school before inputting the IRN number**

* 7. Did your school provide hearing screenings during the 2017-2018 school year?