Thank you for taking time to review the Healthy Kentuckians 2020 document. Your input is highly valued as a stakeholder in this process to ultimately strive to improve the health of Kentucky citizens.

The Healthy Kentuckians 2020 document will be a subset of our State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP), in which we will choose to prioritize objectives for the state as a whole and mobilize resources to address these priority areas.

The Healthy Kentuckians 2020 report utilizes objectives, focus areas, and targets from the national Healthy People framework to provide a statewide assessment of the health status of Kentuckians. The report includes 110 objectives, representing 32 of the 42 national focus areas. The final report will reflect input from stakeholders and include best practices, strategies and resources.

The Healthy People Initiative is a national strategy designed to improve the overall health of Americans. For three decades, Healthy People has provided a comprehensive set of national 10-year health promotion and disease prevention objectives aimed at improving the health of all Americans.

For the past decade, Healthy People 2010 has led the way for Americans to achieve an increase in the quality and years of healthy life, and to eliminate health disparities. Healthy People 2020 will continue in the tradition of its predecessors to define the vision and strategy for building a healthier nation.

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